Friday Quotes to Start Your Weekend Right

It's Friday! Get inspired and uplifted with these 20 best happy Friday quotes. From humorous to motivational, these quotes will help you kickstart your weekend on a positive note. Enjoy and spread the joy!
  1. “It’s Friday, bitches!”

  2. “Friday. The golden child of the weekdays. The superhero of the workweek. The welcome wagon to the weekend.”

  3. “Friday is my second favorite F word. My first is food, definitely food.”

  4. “It’s Friday and time to do the Friday dance.”

  5. “Oh, hello Friday. Where have you been all week?”

  6. “Finally, Friday is here! It’s time to do what makes your soul shine.”

  7. “Happy Friday! Make today worth remembering.”

  8. “Good morning, Happy Friday. One day closer to the weekend.”

  9. “Friday is not just another day of the week. It’s a day where all your hard work pays off and you can finally take a deep breath and relax.”

  10. “Friday is a day to finish your goals for the week. It’s a day to celebrate that which you set out to accomplish at the beginning of the week.” – Byron Pulsifer

  11. “It’s Friday and I’m feeling good.” 

  12. “Friday is like a superhero that always arrives just in time to stop me from savagely beating one of my coworkers with a keyboard.” – Rico

  13. “Friday, I’m in love.” – The Cure

  14. “Friday is the day that we all wait for, the day that gives us freedom and a break from the monotony of the rest of the week.”

  15. “It’s Friday, time to be a hero and rescue some wine trapped in a bottle.”

  16. “Happy Friday! Forget all the bad things you’ve encountered this week and have a great weekend.” 

  17. “Friday is a day to finish your work and enjoy the weekend. It’s a day to be happy and free.”

  18. “Cheers to the freaking weekend. I drink to that.” – Rihanna

  19. “It’s Friday, let the good times roll.”

  20. “It’s Friday, and I’m feeling alive.”